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This was only one milestone on Ryan’s journey. As a prominent face and voice of recovery advocacy, he kept pushing forward. He helped to write lifesaving legislation to protect consumers, testified at state legislatures and at congress, and participated in court depositions on behalf of families and survivors. In 2019, he was appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice to represent over 120,000 victims in the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case. It wasn’t about politics or party lines for Ryan: victims and families’ interests were foremost, as he worked with (and against) both Republican and Democratic Attorneys General to make sure people’s needs came before government needs.

Nevada is a “can-do” state where big ideas are possible—and Ryan has the experience to bring kitchen-table wisdom to our State Assembly. He knows how to combat toxic politics. And he knows that small changes add up to visionary transformations. Like fighting insurance companies for mental health parity, to ensure that mental health is treated as health. Or making sure that housing and healthcare are accessible to everyone.

Creating change means balancing Nevada’s checkbook so that there’s enough to go around—from creating jobs and supporting our small businesses to taking care of our veterans, investing in our students and teachers, and ending our mental health and overdose crisis. Together, we can address the challenges that impact our community instead of sweeping people under the rug. Ryan believes all of this is possible. And he has the grit, know how, and passion to get things done—for us.

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